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Idaho Opioid Settlement Fund

Idaho Code 57-825 directs the Idaho Behavioral Health Council to make recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature’s Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee for use of the state’s portion (40%)* of the opioid settlement funds by September 1st each year.

*The funds received from the Idaho opioid settlement are divided according to an intrastate allocation agreement which allots the state (40%), participating local cities and counties (40%), and public health districts (20%). For more information, please visit the Idaho Attorney General Opioid Settlement webpage linked above.

IBHC Opioid Recommendation Process

The IBHC has no spending authority itself. Priorities from the IBHC are submitted to the Governor for incorporation into the state budget process. During this process, the Governor’s Office and the Division of Financial Management work with various state agencies to include suitable recommendations in the Governor’s budget.

Final appropriation authority rests with the Legislature. The Joint Financial Appropriations Committee (JFAC) and the Legislative budget staff also review each state agency’s budget and determine how the IBHC recommendations are funded.

Due to the variability of funding from the opioid settlement fund and flexibility of the state budgeting process, the IBHC submits its recommendations as priority requests rather than specific budget items.

Fiscal Year 2026 Opioid Recommendation Process

Members of the public and Idaho state agencies are invited to submit proposals and make recommendations to the Idaho Behavioral Health Council. Submissions will be accepted by email to until May 15, 2024. Ideally, submissions should reference the approved opioid abatement strategy and suggest a specific state agency budget. However, all recommendations will be provided to the Council and published on this website.


April 15 – May 15, 2024
June 14, 2024
August 30, 2024

Fall 2024
Spring 2025

July 1, 2026


IBHC solicits agency proposals and public input
IBHC votes on priority recommendations
IBHC submits recommendations to the Governor

Governor incorporates IBHC recommendations into agency budgets
Legislature appropriates Opioid Settlement Funds

Agency budgets include funded items from the Opioid Settlement Fund


Fiscal Year 2026

Fiscal Year 2025

Fiscal Year 2024

The Legislature funded almost $90 million in behavioral health initiatives based on the IBHC recommendations for FY2024. These initiatives were funded from additional sources exceeding the approximately $2 million provided annually by the state-directed opioid settlement fund.

Fiscal Year 2023

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