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Our vision is that adults, children, and their families who live with mental illness and addiction receive the behavioral health care services they need when they need them. We believe if this vision is realized, then people in Idaho will have a better quality of life, reduced risk of involvement with the criminal justice system, and make our communities healthier, safer places to live.

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August 11, 2023

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November 3, 2023

Idaho Opioid Settlement Fund Recommendations

Call for public input!

The Idaho Behavioral Health Council is accepting recommendations for prioritizing expenditures from the state directed Opioid Settlement Fund for state fiscal year 2024.

Please submit your recommendations via email to:

The deadline for submissions to the IBHC is July 1, 2023. The IBHC will prioritize its recommendations during the August 11, 2023 meeting.

The state directed Opioid Settlement Fund provides approximately $2 million annually for opioid remediation activities. *Per Idaho Code 57-825, the IBHC makes recommendations to the governor and legislature for activities for use of these funds by September 1st.

For more information about the Opioid Settlement, please visit Idaho Attorney General Opioid Settlement webpage.

*Settlement approved Opioid Remediation Activities

Contact the IBHC

Livestream meetings on:

Idaho Behavioral Health Council – YouTube

Physical Location:

Lincoln Room (Basement Level)

Idaho Supreme Court

451 W. State Street; Boise, ID

Implementation Template

The Implementation Template includes the up-to-date action items and prioritized work for the IBHC’s nine priority recommendations.

The IBHC is pleased to post an approved Strategic Action Plan.

If you would like to submit feedback about this plan, please email your feedback to

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